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GeneralRulesGetTargetParameterFor Method
Get the value of a numeric property or parameter on a sprite selected with SelectTargetSpriteFor(SpriteCollection, Int32, String).

Namespace: (Default Namespace)
Assembly: Default (in Default.exe) Version:
public virtual int GetTargetParameterFor(
	string ParameterName,
	string TargetName


Type: SystemString
Name of the parameter on the target sprite that will be returned.
Type: SystemString
Which target's currently selected sprite contains the parameter being retrieved.

Return Value

Type: Int32
Integer property value of specified property.
Remember that ParameterName and TargetName are provided as strings, and must be quoted assuming the names are provided directly. A target is an arbitrary name that distinguishes a sprite selected for one purpose from sprites selected for other purposes. A target is defined by calling SelectTargetSpriteFor(SpriteCollection, Int32, String).
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